A Look at MIC:LEE

A Look at MIC:LEE

Hey world! Ian here with some new sounds from up and coming Canadian producer and emcee, MIC:LEE!  For your listening pleasure I’ve embedded a playlist of his tracks for you to chill with while you find out what I have to say.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve never been a fan of wrap, MIC:LEE could change this.

Mike Lee Louisseize hails from Barrie, Ontario and damn he’s good! He hit me up on Twitter this…

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Able-Bodied Etiquette

What’s an able-bodied person?

An able-bodied person, colloquially known as a “normal” person is someone that is usually capable of unassisted bi-pedal locomotion. Don’t be alarmed if you see an able-bodied person moving quickly, they will be fine. Shocking I know but it’s true, they will be fine. Able-bodied people often have the use of all five senses making them particularly vulnerable to…

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Hello My Name is: Freddie Mercury

Listen/purchase: Variable Resistor by insouciant

Stay tuned for a review on Crazywickedawesome.com!


Daver - The Creators (ft. Donnie Ozone) [exclusive]


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I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.

There’s more than meets the eye to these robots in disguise