I found the next Kate Moss, ded leif.

Death From Above 1979: The Physical World

One of the greatest Canadian acts of all time, Death From Above 1979 has finally released their second album…

I am Terrified of My Steam Backlog

I have a confession that I need to make, I am terrified of my Steam Backlog.

There, I said it. I mean it too. I have just over 300 different titles in my Steam Library, I need almost two terabytes of space to install all of them. I’ve logged a ridiculous number of hours (that I won’t mention here) and yet I’ve only managed to play a third of them.  If that.

I’ve spent $1263.95 on Steam, not…

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Sam you are way too #pretty when surprised.

#caption #bird #black&white

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweigh the clever portmanteau of sway and weigh is the title of a recently launched iPhone app that serves as an interesting new social media platform. Giving weight to what matters to you, Sweigh falls somewhere between reddit and a game of would you ever. Users can post a variety of content, under  many categories from Technology to Food & Drink,  asking questions which other Sweigh users can…

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#Frozen #blueberries are amazingly delicious.

Favourite reading chair #comfy #cozy

Since when did #Pokemon become so #adorable? #torchic