Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweigh the clever portmanteau of sway and weigh is the title of a recently launched iPhone app that serves as an interesting new social media platform. Giving weight to what matters to you, Sweigh falls somewhere between reddit and a game of would you ever. Users can post a variety of content, under  many categories from Technology to Food & Drink,  asking questions which other Sweigh users can…

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#Frozen #blueberries are amazingly delicious.

Favourite reading chair #comfy #cozy

Since when did #Pokemon become so #adorable? #torchic

Real Men Don’t Scream at the Fire Hydrants

Real Men Don’t Scream at the Fire Hydrants

Real men are the epitome of the human race

Real men don’t get intoxicated
Especially not on light beer
Real men get Drunk

 Real men don’t sing karaoke
They invented it

Real men don’t stop drinking at last call
They find another, manlier bar that’s still open

Real men don’t stumble drunkenly
They walk with purpose, even if that purpose makes them a little disoriented right now

Real men don’t…

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Quandrant Debut EP: Elements

Quandrant Debut EP: Elements

Liverpool based Quandrant is back with their début EP Elements! it’s AWESOME! Even though they’ve parted ways with their previous drummer, David Stephenson their edgy, metal inspired, progressive sound still rocks just as much as it did in their single: Through the Veil.

The British rockers are in top form with their shiny  debt EP and it shows. Elementsis a must have for any alt-rock…

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A Look at MIC:LEE

A Look at MIC:LEE

Hey world! Ian here with some new sounds from up and coming Canadian producer and emcee, MIC:LEE!  For your listening pleasure I’ve embedded a playlist of his tracks for you to chill with while you find out what I have to say.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve never been a fan of wrap, MIC:LEE could change this.

Mike Lee Louisseize hails from Barrie, Ontario and damn he’s good! He hit me up on Twitter this…

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Able-Bodied Etiquette

What’s an able-bodied person?

An able-bodied person, colloquially known as a “normal” person is someone that is usually capable of unassisted bi-pedal locomotion. Don’t be alarmed if you see an able-bodied person moving quickly, they will be fine. Shocking I know but it’s true, they will be fine. Able-bodied people often have the use of all five senses making them particularly vulnerable to…

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