I am Terrified of My Steam Backlog

I have a confession that I need to make, I am terrified of my Steam Backlog.

There, I said it. I mean it too. I have just over 300 different titles in my Steam Library, I need almost two terabytes of space to install all of them. I’ve logged a ridiculous number of hours (that I won’t mention here) and yet I’ve only managed to play a third of them.  If that.

I’ve spent $1263.95 on Steam, not…

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Sam you are way too #pretty when surprised.

#caption #bird #black&white

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweighing in on the Sweigh App

Sweigh the clever portmanteau of sway and weigh is the title of a recently launched iPhone app that serves as an interesting new social media platform. Giving weight to what matters to you, Sweigh falls somewhere between reddit and a game of would you ever. Users can post a variety of content, under  many categories from Technology to Food & Drink,  asking questions which other Sweigh users can…

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#Frozen #blueberries are amazingly delicious.

Favourite reading chair #comfy #cozy

Since when did #Pokemon become so #adorable? #torchic

Real Men Don’t Scream at the Fire Hydrants

Real Men Don’t Scream at the Fire Hydrants

Real men are the epitome of the human race

Real men don’t get intoxicated
Especially not on light beer
Real men get Drunk

 Real men don’t sing karaoke
They invented it

Real men don’t stop drinking at last call
They find another, manlier bar that’s still open

Real men don’t stumble drunkenly
They walk with purpose, even if that purpose makes them a little disoriented right now

Real men don’t…

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